Service Partners


HelpMyCloud is a cloud based ticketing tool owned and operated by Veritas Prime LLC, a SuccessFactors implementation partner.

However, we are always continuously seeking partners who would like to use our tool to service their own clients. This does not even have to be limited to SuccessFactors support services, but can include support for other cloud SaaS products as well. We are offering a very compelling business opportunity for our first partners that can be provided in either or both business models:

You now have the capability to take your clients past the implementation phase and create a long-term, cost-effective value proposition to them by providing continuous support to their solution.

Partner – Managed:

In this business model the Implementation Provider brings the client onto the ticketing platform and provides their own dedicated team for support. They will have flexibility on terms and conditions with their client for pricing. HelpMyCloud would take a small revenue share per service


Partner – Sell:

In this business model the Implementation Partner brings the client onto the ticketing platform, but the support is provided by existing HelpMyCloud resources. The HelpMyCloud service team will maintain full responsibility for providing effective support to your clients.

The Implementation Partner will maintain all client rights for future SOW project work, but will have a no-hassle, streamlined support service provided to their clients. The Implementation Partner will receive a revenue sharing fee for all the serviced support


For additional information on HelpMyCloud please contact us via chat, phone or contact form